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April 10, 2022

Deep Water

a fish in a pond does not know the great sea
—nor does spilled water return to the vase

enjoy your life— you’re not likely to enjoy your death

they say you will most likely die alone and poorly dressed

I’ve got those two down for sure-

at a bar called- The Sandbar -, my ship had run aground

I was keelhauled—- left for dead

I cobbled up enough energy although it was more like ener-b

made my way across town —- to another dive

The Silver Dollar Saloon and it would suffice for my purpose of downing some whiskey

I kept waiting for john wayne to show up but he never did pilgrim

the patrons were drinking and playing pool and fooling around

like they had life all figured out—-

sitting in a dark corner sipping on a sloe gin fizz

life was quietly smiling at them

the answer isn’t in drink, but it sure isn’t out of it either

I noticed in both bars there were a lot of lost souls

most of which I don’t think wanted to be found

I was one of them—

floated outside for some fresh air 

the broken glass in the street. - twinkled - like a million insane stars in the wild night

when you live in your own world, the advantage is—

you’re in your own world wherever you go.................

I could feel the water under my bridge was already deep and getting deeper all the time

but it was my water and if I drowned in it -- so be it