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April 13, 2022

Out Of Desperation

out of desperation, I began driving into the unknown
pines - picnic tables - rockslides

out of desperation, I began walking into the unknown

pines - picnic tables- rockslides 

the sun shone brightly even though I asked it not to

found some woods and a trail 

long lost friend recognized under shabby hat

sat under a tree in a cooling breeze 

life was sweet - for a little while anyway

wind coming up, tree leaves clapping their approval /// smells like rain spirit

just a traveler in seek of a place to lay 

myself and my backpack down 

collapse into delicious unconsciousness

I found a lean-to and settled in for the full moon night

under an array of low hanging clouds and fog

kept waiting for a werewolf to make an appearance

the wind and rain was unrelenting 

as I took refuge inside—-

in the morning, skies low - like a basement ceiling

- a feeling of perennial dampness

it rained through my coffee and soaked the grounds I was standing on

hit the trail before it hit me

clouds began to do a red sea 

I looked up and saw snow atop the mountains

a delicious drink of pure water