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February 27, 2022

Tea Leaves

stoke that fire and send your train hurtling down that track
that’s my motivational saying for today\

I should try following it some time but today’s not the day

the sun was so damn depressing I had to go inside

all that brightness and lightness lightened my head, made me feel half dead

went inside a poured a cold one in the boston bruins glass

spilled my glass of happiness on the floor

and that’s all there was to it jack

so I made some green tea instead

read the tea leaves and I didn’t like what they indicated for my future

so I made another cup in the where the dog is is home mug

these tea leaves foretold of a happier future 

it was an afternoon for reminiscing about the morning 

daydreaming about the evening

I sip my tea and wonder where it all went wrong

the wind playing a sad song pianississimo

the world is very rarely black and white

it’s many shades of gray, many many shades

a family of six pine trees in the backyard, 3 were killed in last year’s hurricane

one died this year—maybe out of sympathy

now there are only two pine trees left and sadly, they don’t speak to each other

typical family I guess, dysfunctional, roots don’t mean a thing

you can’t choose your family or your tree

it’s sometimes better to leave the past buried