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February 24, 2022

Green Army Jacket

I think I’ll go downtown////maybe the neon will cheer me up
reflecting off dark windows inviting you in for a spell

for drinks and more drinks

walking past closed up restaurant with empty windows

just opened four months ago; somebody’s ill-fated dream

now just empty space with paper and broken bits on the floor

my spirit’s already been broken but I’m holding it together with duct tape

I forgot how to play rummy but not how to drink it

my girlfriend shows up

here comes my runway model in her green army jacket 

calf high black military boots mud splattered

I don’t think I’d recognize her wearing anything else...looks good to me

we had a couple of drinks and decided to split

so there we were, a couple of wanderers wandering down the winding wandering road

under happy stars and content constellations

we couldn’t be any happier

moon shining down splintered shadows

my mind wasn’t my own at this late hour of the night

we wound up at my place eventually

we ate some french toast and nearly drowned in the universe

went to bed and woke up with a frazzled head

this afternoon we went down by the river

I looked and pondered at the gentle flowing water she smoked some cigarettes

in the evening, we found a convenience store that was convenient 

for our three course meal; hot dog, chips, and a candy bar

I could see the milky way in her shining eyes

the world was good tonight