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February 1, 2022


2:22 a.m. on a weekday morning...must have been a tuesday
I was working on a couple of poems (I was feeling very creative)

Simone was washing and ironing some clothes

cooking some lasagna for our usual late dinner

during commercials for one of her favorite movies

some Ingmar Bergman film of which I always find his films dull

but she watches them over and over

I call her garbo once in a while and she doesn’t like it

‘cause she doesn’t like garbo

I watch ‘The Third Man’ and a few others again and again

we watch them together or sometimes we put the films

on but don’t see much of them

don’t know where she gets her energy

and if she’s not washing clothes, she’s mopping the floor

or fixing swedish meatballs, or making chocolate pudding 

yet she gets up every morning and goes to work

at the framing studio next to the deli where

a guy got shot and killed a couple of weeks ago

and she sums it up in a few words with ‘well, they have bad food’

she says there’s plenty of time to sleep once your dead

can’t argue with that philosophy