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February 4, 2022

Low Tide

even karma has a way of getting lost sometimes 
and not showing up
...that’s when happenstance rules the day 
and the chips fall where they may

it happens that way sometimes

having a soul that is peaceful and content;

it don’t come easy

it’s all those mind games we get caught up in

like rocks in our shoes

that keep us from being at peace so I say

laying in bed munching on some toast and drinking some tea 

if nothing else gets done today, I’m alright with it

don’t hold a wake over past mistakes they say

it’s all a big dream anyway ya know and you gotta wake up

what’s important here? love is important

wherever you can find it

decided to leave my humble abode and off I strode

down the road not knowing where I’d go

just following the tide and it was low

maybe just a stone’s throw, I don’t know 

I had that thought walking into the usual place

the usual bartender wasn’t there as usual 

they said he had a heart attack 

maybe one of us regulars had left him a tip

well, never death-- never life 

I told his replacement 

let me have a double in his honor