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February 8, 2022

Boston Harbor Reflections

building lights reflecting in glorious technicolor
dancing and swaying bare back bay on the harbor water

up and down and all around making a sound

splish splish psssh drip drop all in the rhythm

of paul revere’s horse on cobblestone 

low moan and drone of boat motor

groan of wooden piers stretched by ropes

5 strand hemp 

blue, white, yellow, red ribbons of light 

shining and reflecting the heartbeat of the city

kaleidoscope vibrations spectrum twisting

traffic horns fortissimo down Dorchester street

downtown crossing Fenway way way over

from the north end on down toward Quincy parts

boats in the harbor bobbing up and down

restless souls in a summer night

party people on lansdowne street loud and unapologetic 

charles river esplanade green and peaceful

trees blowin’ in the mass breeze

walking around cambridge harvard square

I’m an Oxford man myself

statues watching and keeping guard

bloodshot eyes glowing on the turnpike

coming and going, coming and going

heading over to a dunkin’