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February 12, 2022

College Football Today

don’t be late to the tailgate
half raw bratwurst and half warm exhibition beer

to wash it down with before the real

drinking game begins in an hour or so 

long since removed from the last semester 

valedictorian speeches /// hats in the air 

filing in to see the gladiators battle 

glancing over at the student section

with just the slightest pangs of envy

for their only starting the second quarter 

while you near the fourth ( if you’re lucky)

till the reaper blows the final whistle 

blue and gold mixed with silver and red

on a canvas of green

in easels of silver

one autumn afternoon --  cool

under a gray sky turning to november rain

wind picking up and throwing darts disguised

as raindrops 

smash into a giant muddle

turning the palette into a puddle

meaning nothing, nothing but trouble 

fall to the ground all the king’s horses

the roar is deafening, the cries uplifting

the band plays a jukebox on repeat

get drunk and sing the old school fight song again and again 

I wish the song girls were here

fight on - drink on - sing on 

scream on - on and on