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February 15, 2022

The North Forties

sail the seven seas but know that the north forties await
danger looms out there…a graveyard of shipwrecks

a case of cape horn fever

what’s the old story …“I didn’t think he was drowning, I thought he was waving.”

it is the poor soul who sets sail without the proper provisions

and a poor soul am I usually

but for the next four days it’s a cruise

got on board in time for a hamburger and fries

leave some room for the late dinner of maybe ribs tonight

full to the max but then someone mentions tacos on lido deck

definitely want those

waddle back to the room with the cute porthole window

but now it’s dark and you can’t see a thing except distant stars

too far away to do you any good

lay on the bed well fed and half-dead

time to lay low on the high seas

but not before some pizza and ice cream

have to get up early to catch breakfast

I paid for it so I’m not gonna miss it

just some orange juice and toast...maybe a pastry too, hell, might as well eat some steak and eggs fixed to perfection 

head over to the library and no one’s in it

almost everybody is walking around beer in hand or lounging by the pool

not much to read so I use the telescope and stare at the waves

killing time until lunch not that I’m hungry 

but I heard the roast beef is most succulent