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January 29, 2022

In An Ocean Under A Sea of Stars

sitting in a movie theater in the dark brings back great memories of girlfriends
I don’t remember the movies so much

me and my three closest friends I don’t know catching the afternoon matinee

after the film, hang around the park for a while

tuesday afternoon - just beginning to feel the cold raindrops falling on me

took the last train to Clarksville but no one was there to meet me at the station 

so I got back on board and headed south

walking down the streets of Key West now

looking decidedly un-tourist like

more like an escapee/refugee from somewhere

keeping an eye out for Hemingway...just in case

you can go crazy fearing the future or take it one day at a time

moment to moment as it comes ready or not

so I meet this woman on the beach that at first intrigued me

she had an air of mystery about her that in my younger days 

I would have found fascinating, but now didn’t pique my interest

I don’t play games anymore, no longer a playa

lay your cards down on the table and I’ll do the same

two threes, a five, a seven and a nine

what did you expect?

watching the sun go down with strangers around

bobbing around in the golden glow

swimming in the ocean tonight under a sea of stars

in the blackness of the night, I hoped my troubles couldn’t find me