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January 14, 2022

North Country

today I find myself in the north country
the north country of New Hampshire USA

scampering up mt. washington way a long way up

burt lancaster, east berlin, all points north

live freeze and die state motto 

thick woods full of fallen timber, entangled branches

tall halloween skeleton trees reaching out, deep as deep snow 

reminds me of siberia

reminds me of home

moose making tracks wandering around

frost on their lips, kerouac too

headed for the green mountains of vermont 

no doubt white now dressed in winter’s fashion

move silently as the crunchability allows

passing maple trees, I look for pancake trees

no luck, just snow starting to fall

frozen teardrops of joy flowing down

from happily contented silver gray clouds 

the old man in the mountain was supposed to meet me

but he’s nowhere to be found, probably in a cabin by a warm fire

soon I seriously need some snowshoes

either on my feet or down my throat

that’s one shot whiskey 

one shot peppermint schnapps if you’re keeping score at home

keep me warm and in total joyful bliss

wrapping me up in total enlightenment 

whose woods these are, I have no idea