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January 17, 2022

White Candle

burning white candle in the window
a guide for travelers everywhere with rucksack

whether they be traversing the forest like jungle cat

or crossing the mountains leaping and jumping like mountain goat

or sailing the untamed ocean or no matter where they at

past the land are the mountains and past the mountains is the ocean

past the ocean is the land and past the land are the mountains and so it goes

it’s all one and one is all and the universe smiles

maybe up in the stars of a separate universe

far away from here my friend, far far away

sitting in peacefulness of a park bench in a light rain on a cloudy cloudy afternoon

lying on the beach, but the tides were telling the truth as they always do

offered to buy her a drink

she was on vacation and the night was young

but she was feeling old and skipped the tiki bar 

went back to her hotel room for some hideous television

the sky cleared just in time for sunset

red sails in the sunset glowing against a golden sky of promise

on my right was the orange sun setting over soft blue water

on my left, a full moon in a darkening blue sky

I feel like I’m at a outdoor planetarium

I wanted to share the moment with somebody but nobody was around

except for a few seagulls looking for scraps

it could have been anybody but everybody was gone

I could sit all night and watch that drawbridge go up and down for the big boats

but I didn’t, a few hours after dark, I headed for the neon