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January 11, 2022

Ambassador Of The Backpack

man of the road I am I am
connoisseur of the good walk unspoiled

ambassador of the frayed backpack

don’t mind an all day walk with plenty of rest stops

under trees, viaducts, rusty old train bridges

just to marvel and see and wonder

direction unknown and it doesn’t matter 

whichever way the wind’s blowin’

don’t stay in one place too long

wear out my welcome or get no welcome at all

wanna do all 50 states

a taste of the nation in all its flavors

key lime florida- street tacos california- pizza detroit 

getting to hawaii might be a challenge

find passage on some dilapidated old freighter 

in no hurry 

hitchhiking on a resplendent day 

on the pacific coast highway among the pines 

or makin’ my way in the cold rain of maine

but you won’t hear me complain

caribou on down to portsmouth

joining churchill and roosevelt for whiskey and a cigar

coast to coast, sea to shining sea

wherever the open road is

that’s where I be