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January 2, 2022

No Jazz

sitting in dark coffee house
in worn torn leather chair facing the window

so I could see and be seen

drinking my trendy brewed drip from recycled paper cup 

looking at people passing by - some young some old

looked like they were just trying to be distracted by something

dogs on leash looked bored

this guy came in and had a look about him

like young dizzy gillespie

black glasses, goatee, beret looking type of hat

got his drink and sat down across from me

looking at his phone while he sipped

figured this guy just had to play jazz

be in some kind of a band, bassist I would guess

looked like a cool dude to hang out with

tip a few back and listen to some charlie parker

or stan getz, bill evans

discuss fusion and sun ra 

so I asked him if he played jazz

he looked at me blankly and shook his head

I told him he looked like a jazz musician and I was just wondering 

he didn’t say anything

just looked down at his phone and was probably thinking wtf

who the **** is this guy?

disappointment city! 

in an alternate universe we coulda been friends and hung out

rebuffed, I turned around and threw my cup in the trash and went out the door

to join the dogs on the sidewalk

and others in search of holy distraction