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December 30, 2021

Army Life

I dig the jackets and the rifles
but there’s a problem with being in the army

there’s always some hill to take

some strategic objective

and if you survive that

there’s another hill   

another strategic objective

and another damn one after that

and another and another and another 

there’s always one more

strategic objectives out the bazookas

if it’s not a hill, it’s a bridge 

and there’s always one more commander

who deems it necessary to take 

while he dines on good meal with cognac 

safe; well behind the lines

out of the line of fire

out of enemy range

while the soldier hunkers down in the foxhole 

hungry dirty scared scarred battle weary

just following orders

from one more lieutenant or sergeant

who may be the type to put the objective 

ahead of his men’s lives

in his tunnel vision quest to achieve glory 

‘ a job well done ‘

a salute from the top brass

another medal pinned on his chest and a promotion at your expense