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December 27, 2021


her entire manner was kafkaesque
a final exam that had no answers

couldn’t figure it out, would have got an F

she was the theory of relativity 

she graded on a curve

of oceanic sway and swerve 

like a navajo code talker she was

couldn’t break her code

enigmatic, pneumatic…yes

pragmatic she wasn’t

she had an interesting schematic

you never knew quite what she was thinking

radio station with an unknown frequency

snapping, crackling, popping

fading in and out, bleeding into others

a tv with the vertical hold flipping up and down

an occasional horizontal hold

spinning like the out of control world

but she wouldn’t let you hold for long

she had places to go leaving questions in her wake

perplexing and puzzling, senseless

she had a way of disorientating you

throwing you for a loop

wrapping you up in complexity

befuddlement, discombobulation

leaving you flummoxed, gobsmacked

that’s the way she liked it

she likes to be misunderstood

frustrating yet so fascinating

you wanted to be around her anyway