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December 24, 2021


hamster round and round the lake
no see any interracial couples

like you see all the time in commercials

just black folk with black folk

white folk with white folk

except for dogs, they don’t seem to have a hangup about colors

not living in the real world Debbie

no wannabe Traffic jazz band tonight on lakeside stage

only traffic from interstate roaring by in its own melody

laying down bebop jazz tune, bud powell maybe

diesel trucks on freestyle bass

no oldies band, no oldies listening to the music

reliving days gone by, wishing for youth once more

shotgun cloud shots dotting the sky saying goodbye

dancing away to distant lands

humidity/ ten pound trench coat over your shoulders

look up and see

$2500 a month balconies

bicycles, grills, botanical gardens

I beg your pardon

standing room only 

chairs, tables and other debris clutter 

protecting them like wooden logs on a western outpost

somewhere in between the rockies and the prairie 1870’s Wyoming

some with christmas lights still on them six months 

look in some of the lower level ones to see what I’m missing

they look like apartments---albeit nicer than mine

pictures on the walls, scandinavian furniture they didn’t put together themselves

fancy dining room sets, big screen tvs

all the things I don’t have

as I get older, all the things I’ll most likely never have

why can’t I find someone like baroness de koenigswarter to take care of me