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December 21, 2021


sunday… movieplex nearly empty
waiting for the direction to say ACTION!

but somebody keeps yelling cut!

what’ll it be -- animated or r rated real reel really unreal

or superman vs. batman vs. spiderman vs. wonder woman

vs captain america vs whoever or whatever else they can think of

or can’t think of/// no originality 

…or one man saves the world///there’s no saving this world jack

where’s zhivago, third man, kwai, grand hotel anyone?

omar, barrymore, garbo, monroe, welles, guinness

lancaster, wayne, gable

when stars were stars, when movies were movies

nobody’s made a great movie since 1965

well,..maybe one or two

almost all of them are rated ‘C’ for crap

18 screens///could have been one for each person there 

two other people total in 6:25 showing I was in

I think they were looking for a bar and stumbled in by mistake

they sent the extras home

pick a seat - any seat

almost no one in garish neon splashed lobby

wearing too much makeup and perfume, red stilettos

that cries out for company and an arm to lean on

large buttery popcorn been sitting too long

good and plenties, milk duds, snickers

everybody in the film says fuck repeatedly

as if that increases their street cred, their hipness

their degree of coolness

the closing credits can’t come soon enough 

walk out to a practically empty car park cold night