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December 18, 2021

Checkout Charlie

grocery store checkout late night
almost closing time - employees wanna go home

standing in line buying orange and blue cupcakes 

for my late night snack/fourth meal

loopy older guy ahead in swim trunks 

blue ragged tank top with US flag on it 

finest pair of china plastic sandals

shiny/// just off the boat

pushing 60 - an alcohol bee buzzing

salt and pepper hair, 8 o’clock shadow

buying some cheap wine and beef jerky

trying to chat up 20ish girl standing, waiting behind him

with long yummy tanned legs

displayed via torn blue jean short shorts 

long dirty blonde hair

girl smiles awkwardly as too friendly man

embarrasses himself and her

with his unwelcome attention 

innocuous babbling banter

-making it even worse-

cashier has trouble scanning items

prolonging the agony