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January 5, 2022

T20 Cricket (Chirp Chirp)

west coast hockey games over
too early for attempted sleep on aloof mattress

cricket from new zealand or abu dhabi or bombay (mumbai)

mumbai looks exotic

new zealand looks tropical

abu dhabi looks metropolitan

don’t know what’s going on for a while

in the barren dark as usual

crease, power play, hat-trick sounds like hockey; 

but game looks like baseball

eventually I sorta get it

6 for a home run; 4 for off the wall (boundary)

guys running carrying bats

fans with celtics, lakers, rockets, pirates jerseys

sit on the grass or the terrace

some soft serve and a cold one on hand

looks like this might be pretty good

looks like it’d be fun to play 

if I wasn’t so decrepit 

laid back entertainment 

better than regular (test) cricket

three of four or five days looooong 

eons of nothing

all taken dead seriously; player breaks for lunch and tea (how english)

that’s a sticky wicket