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December 8, 2021

Blinking Red Lights

moon like a friend who doesn’t say much but’s always there to listen
time just spent wandering is the best time of all

sometimes there is a valid reason why something is not on the beaten path

sometimes it’s worth taking the unbeaten path just for the solitude of it

sitting on the bridge looking down and watching the water

not thinking of anything, just watching

it can be pleasantly mysterious to be a ship of undetermined origin

the less known about you the better

don’t volunteer information

pre-planning be damned, some of the best situations in my life were ones I just fell into

a happy victim of randomness

thinking back, I needed more happiness

I don’t think I got my quota

decided to stop by the old hole in the wall bookstore 

for the weekly poetry reading

pass the understanding, the head nodding and the wine

after some time listening to the desperate poets

desperate to make their words heard, desperate for a little attention maybe

trying to find themselves- their place - their voice

walked outside into the freeze

red lights in the sky blinking forlornly in the darkness of a cold desolation sky

I think they’re indicative of an upcoming airport but I’m not sure

they just blink and blink and blink and don’t identify themselves 

walking back to my hilltop apartment 

cutting through the old cemetery across the street

from my third floor window 

I can see the spirits milling about in the darkness