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December 5, 2021

Thoughts Of A Crematory Worker

new face in the crematory
welcome buddy, so what’s your story?

did you die doing something you loved

as if somehow that’s supposed to make it better

still death is death is death

dust to dust, ashes to ashes

ancient fortune says you will probably die alone and poorly dressed

if so, I’m ready to go now

hope you had a good life

now walk through the valley of the shadow of death

or death valley california 109 in the shade

everything comes to an end jack

nothing lasts forever, nobody lasts forever

a lot of them wind up here

1400-2000 degrees fahrenheit

they take the pugilistic stance many times

but there’s no fight left in them anymore

1-3 hours and then it’s 3-7 pounds of cremains

kinda like the fine gravel from a road

then in a box and from there

in an urn in the ground, on a fireplace or unclaimed 

scattered at sea, I think that’s the most romantic of all 

fair winds and following seas