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December 11, 2021

Complex 107

get home from work
spending all day with the snakes and the jerks

open the door—apartment complex 107 

and today it’s italian 

sometimes it’s beef roast

I’ve got to get to know who lives there

they eat better than I

the aroma lifts me off the dirty foyer

carries me upstairs to my floor #3

beer and whiskey bottles by the across

the hallway neighbors door

swiss cheese carpeting

dingy hallway of the broken lights 

stick the key in the lock

of a door battered battleship gray

door jam jammed with gouges

too many ins and outs

midnight moves behind in the rent

too many desperate nights spent

doors slammed shut

in fits of rage, alcohol fueled adrenaline 

burning in their 455 cubic inch engines

and four barrel carburetors

step inside turn on the light

faucet dripping again

the decorative touch of negative space

jigsaw puzzle of a wooden floor

with a couple of pieces gone

maybe under the refrigerator 

I’ll get charged for that I’m sure

outside the bedroom window

naked trees in need of leaves

their ragged bare feet covered in snow

branches waving at me

they peek inside the bedroom window 

at an air mattress with a slow leak

a cheap clock radio on cardboard box

brown suitcase dresser overflowing 

a big stone from great smoky mountains park

that I grabbed in the dark

and smuggled home

dinner- a half dozen donuts and some coffee

from the dunkin’ on the corner

there’s a dunkin’ on every corner up here

prone position in front of the tv

eat and fall asleep////rinse repeat