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November 11, 2021

Rock Your Boat

let me throw some x and q into your
abc orderly ducks in a row life

shakeup your brand of chill

twist your lime

rock your boat—let me the wave that hits your bow head-on

you’re not in a groove, you’re in a rut

six of one, seven of the other for a change 

let me drag you out in the pouring rain 

splash your puddle, circle your drain

hop aboard your eastbound train

shake up the status quo

np don’t ya know

run to the land of the midnight sun 

the party has just begun

ladies and gentlemen give me your attention 

zig instead of zag Dag

come in at six a.m.

get up at the crack of sunset

go to the bars...on 169th with the live band

the one on harbor street

with the bullet holes in the walls

the one over on 119th just across the railroad tracks on the bad side of town 

get a late breakfast

pancakes, eggs, sausage and coffee

lots of black coffee hot and strong 

do want you want it’s a new shade of cool

you won’t learn in no school 

life on your terms