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November 8, 2021

O. J. Simpson; Running Back Buffalo Bills

across town there’s a shopping center in crumbles

no longer in fashion, they’re not wearing it anymore

bricks and mortar stores ain’t no more

once a wee lad hanging out at sears

in the televisions section 

watching oj simpson — running back buffalo bills

on a windy snow swept field somewhere in the northeast

running for daylight

at war memorial—shea—three rivers///don’t remember

on a sunday afternoon in december 

black and white television the latest model

standing up eating hot dogs at montgomery wards

pound of freshly roasted cashews to eat later at home

years later bought a leather jacket there once 

no doubt increasing my cool factor

italian beefs, fries, and coffees at the Den

cute young brunette waitress 

record store/head shop I wanted to work at

the zep and dead albums

bookstore once a college class escape

an angel island from the alcatraz of college work 

all gone, gone with the wind

gone like g-o-n-e, gone goodbye 

a community village now vacant

now full of village idiots

weedy parking lots 

now full of the seedy and the shady