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November 14, 2021

Powers Of The Zodiac

powers of the zodiac behind your back

moon in the seventh house sounds cool

hey baby what’s your sign?

scorpio you go for the spiritual illumination

the mysterious psychic, strangers beware

wary of strangers and non-strangers alike

sagittarius you independent free thinkers

where will your spiritual adventures take you?

an astral plane, an aura somewhere in the cosmos

libra free your mind and sail the skies

set sail for the constellations and liberations

seeking the yin and yang of equilibrium

leo let out your roar, from here to trafalgar

create that magical fire

king of the celestial

capricorn scaling the tallest of mountains

without canisters of oxygen

navigating all the realms of the astral planes

cancer picking up on the energies of the spirit world

doing that abracadabra alakazam

time for the red lantern show

aries the ram constellation full speed ahead!

damn the torpedoes, damn it all

bold as love jimi said, cool as the outer realms of the universe

gemini you’re off in space someplace

dodging asteroid showers

a moving constellation in constant transformation

virgo sending a clear communication

an earth sign with nothing vague about it

all in the black of space and the white of stars

taurus no bull given no bull taken

cosmic straightforwardness leading the way

rounded into perfect shape

aquarius change the world do not conform

mystical healer, eccentric and free-spirited

blazing a path to the heavens

pisces so nicees and compassionate

two fishes swimming in opposite directions in the aquarium

walking the tightrope between reality and fantasy