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November 17, 2021

What Of It?

I had a yellow cup of happiness to start my day
but I spilled it all over the for michael table dripping on the linoleum

making patterns all over the patterns 

but what of it? what did it all mean?

knocked over my cherry pop tart breakfast

red plate useful for so many years

a favorite of the politburo and proletariat 

the angry young man with his fist in the air

now laying broken and discarded in the kitchen trash

what if the party finds out?

how does he feel to be no longer wanted?

I contemplated this sadness of the situation

walking out into the daylight unwillingly

squinting soldier salute reaching for my smeared sunglasses

streetlights danced in the wind to the sounds of an ocarina played by mother nature

jet plane flew overhead and I paused to marvel at it for the 77,960th time

now just coasting at the coast

hold the sunshine please

but the sunshine wasn’t playing along with my melancholy mood

what if we decided to stop suffering from anxiety? 

we’d be right as rain in no time

but it’s just not that easy 

looking out at the ocean and you can’t even imagine

the waves dancing up and down in and out doing the wahtusi 

I look up at the skies and see lucy

my mind stretched across the water and just submerged itself