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November 26, 2021

Japanese Scissors

I don’t wrestle or fight much but when I do
yukon moose cholak may not be around to bail me out

so I always remember that

the japanese scissors never fail

highly effective 

Hai! in the bushido code I believe but maybe not

the art of war???

used by shoguns across the prefectures

imperial navy approved for their floating castles

but I never was the skirmish type

the mayhem inducing militaristic maniac

looking to impose my will

I’m just a scribbler meaning no harm

a lot of writers have died

believing in that pen mightier than the sword credo

cut to pieces, ribbons, smithereens

I stand up for things sitting down

always the observer from a safe distance

don’t wanna be on the front lines, in the trenches

let me be out of range with the generals

sipping on champagne and enjoying a good brandy

near a Jeep to make a hasty getaway...just in case

I’m a writer, not a fighter

eyes always on the rising sun on the way home