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November 23, 2021

Sorta Alone Together

she had hair of gold, a body of platinum, and a personality of lye
toxic and dangerously dangerous rubber gloves required

we spent the evening sorta together not necessarily out of fondness for each other

but to prevent us from being alone separately

closing down bars always answering the last call 

phone never off the hook

catching the 11:10 next morning out of town

thought she might be there to see me off

shoulda known better

she didn’t seem much at goodbyes

threw my trenchcoat on the seat stake my claim

even though car half empty

better times ahead

eastern to central standard

next city will be stunningly different I tell myself

read some magazines to pass the time

look out the window, into poor people’s backyards

remnants of the rust belt 

crossings ding! ding! ding! ding! ding! 

sound trailing off as we rock by...

stare at the blue and gray upholstery of the seat across from me

drifting off into sleep

well-worn black backpack wrapped around my leg for safekeeping

at the station echo chamber voice sounds familiar yet strange

walk into downtown to find a room, find a bar

appearance is different but it’s the same

as the last one and the last one and the one before that

it’s all the same

you can’t outrun it