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November 29, 2021

Very Strange

sitting in the open cluttered garage watching the rain
splatter on the oil stained driveway that’s cracking like an old masters painting

having a cold one

sometimes life can be so simple, beautiful even

looking through old pictures taken from a size 8 shoebox

that had women’s high heels in it belonging to some ex or ex ex or XXX

it was next to the half empty bottle of brake fluid

and a snowbrush not used since 1984

these photos had images of people who are still alive but no longer exist

some now ghosts roaming the alleys

tis true, tis true, sooner or later, everyone WILL disappoint you

I prayed to my coffee that I would somehow get through this day

somedays you just want to walk into the forest and disappear

morning didn’t promise better, it didn’t even bother

the future was promising but not for what I wanted

I didn’t have time to pay attention to all the time that was slipping away

it can make for an unhealthy afternoon thinking about what shoulda coulda woulda

life so often is into the wind stinging your face

trees full of birds that leave en masse and moments later return

///very strange

I was going to stop drinking so much, but tonight’s not the night

I needed some more

my spirit animal was thirsty

there’s a thousand reasons I shouldn’t drink, but I can’t think of one of them now

I’m not trying too hard to remember either