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October 2, 2021

Town Drive-In On An October Night

 69 camaro ss dark blue with white stripe

73 mustang mach one yellow with black stripe

72 plymouth duster 340 orange with black stripe

65 thunderbird candy apple red no stripe

'59 Dodge all prettied up

must be daddy’s pride and joy

all here perfect attendance tonight friday night

all the cool cats and kittens

cheerleaders with too much makeup and teethy smiles

carhops young and cute with their blonde ponytails bobbing

flirting with the boys with big gold class rings and all the coolspeak

in the cars flashing smile

most straight from the high school football game

trojans won 13-10 on a late field goal

over the old arch rival

in front of parents, in front of students

in front of kids who aren’t athletic, or popular 

seeing themselves being separated from the ‘in crowds’

hamburgers all the way with a frosty mug o’ root beer

afterwards cruising up and down u.s. 41

see and be seen on the scene

big football day in the big ten tomorrow

you never miss those games

leaves wearing colors of fall

black cherry reds, sugar maple golds and halloween oranges

sweater weather setting in

senior year; next year will be so much different

going away to ivy walled colleges

with walkways through sprawling oak trees 

gray haired poetry professors 

spouting keats and longfellow as they pass

dorms, lecture halls 300 seats strong

filled with wide-eyed freshmen trying to find their footing

fraternities, sororities, new friends

some old friends starting jobs ‘keep in touch’

you mean to but you know you won’t