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October 5, 2021

No Room Babe

always the bridesmaid and never the bride thank god
play my music too loud

eat dinners after midnight 

stay up all night painting and enjoying the finer things the bachelor life affords

up all night writing and casting an evil eye on anybody who disturbs me

plenty of disturbed already and I don’t need any help

too entrenched in the solo life and my plane doesn’t have an extra seat

it’s a one-seater like those old world war I planes

sorry, no room babe

everytime I go up I might crash and burn

only remember to bring a parachute half the time

if I need to bail out over no man’s land

but there are times when I feel a little lonesome

and set my plane down in the fields and poppies

willing to leave my freedom and bi-plane behind

looking for love in verdun but there just ain’t none

searching for suzie samantha cynthia or simone at the somme 

hoping to meet up with marie monique madelyn or michelle at the marne

soon the enemy is coming over the hill with their cannons booming

artillery shells flying all around me

and it’s time to take the sopwith camel

back into the air with a dash of flair -- scarf flying laughing at danger; devil may care

looking out for the red baron coming out of the blinding yellow sun