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September 29, 2021

Got Up Late

I got up late but it was okay 

because I didn’t have anywhere to go

so in actuality, I didn’t get up late at all 

who decides what’s late anyway?

it was like the crack of noon 

stay up late writing and painting…

creating things nobody’s ever gonna see

but I want to anyway

I think they’re good, the hell with what anybody else thinks

after stumbling around the apartment for a while which is small; 

you can only stumble so much 

I got in the car and drove down to the diner

a little hole in the wall diner with character 

a dirty door and uneven floors 

a cup of coffee is cheap

cups cracked and chipped 

coffee stains the cup instantly 

because it was made some time yesterday 

or last week or last month

I pick up the free newspaper that’s a week old that’s ok ‘cause I don’t read it

I just use it to hide my phone behind the paper because I want to look like an intellectual 

not look like a dolt staring at a phone

just trying to get through the day the best I can  

one dreadful moment at a time