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September 16, 2021

Talisman Needed


I could use a little of your A negative blood

and a friendly razor blade

the ice water flowing in your veins

can I borrow your talisman?

the blue and white stone to bring good fortune

or so you say - can you live without it a while?

the power of thoughtography burning images  

into film and old silver plates

going into the dark twisted tunnel

for an experience like no other

the damned seeking their revenge

leering faces, distorted sounds and images, evil colors and laughter

billet reading and coming up with all the wrong answers

poltergeists making themselves known

throwing down, down on the ground, throwing all around

making a shrieking terrible sound

vases, books, record players, coffee cups full of scotch

what a waste of good scotch

werewolf running amok under the full moon

seeking out his next victim

close the windows lock the doors

hide underneath the floors

the darkness is full of monsters don’t ya know

real and imaginary waiting to pounce