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September 19, 2021

Local 1020 USW

rocks fly dust clouds TNT sandwich

hunters and gatherers collect the booty 

precious iron ore reaped, sorted and classified 

ships carrying iron ore twenty tons or more

sailing the great lakes to the mills of indiana, illinois, and wisconsin 

limestone, coke, and the aforementioned ore

get rid of the impurities, that’s what’s needed

we should all do that in ourselves

crushed and heated in the mill

winds of sahara-like superheated air 

crank up the blast furnace making liquid iron 

give him the signal let it go

molton iron flowing/pouring like beer

ladles on wheels full of liquid steel

add two teaspoons hot iron supplement

fireworks exploding orange crush sparks fly high

fed by boiler house steam so hot WHISSSH! cut you right in two boy

slabs of steel so unreal here’s the deal

hot metal to cold steel beyond the real

cattle car to and fro for the average joe

shift is over another day 

members of the local 1020 sit at the bar 

drinking well-deserved beers and snowshoes