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September 22, 2021

They're Tearing Down The Old Bowling Alley

down on the south end of town they’re knocking down
a long empty old brown building

brick by brick hitting the ground 

swirling dust rising up in clouds

twirling around then settling down once again 

or being carried away by the prevailing west wind

that blows in county fairs and swimming pools in summer

fireflies and cherry snow cones

end of summer/back to school depression

it’s last incarnation was a dance club/sports bar slash entertainment venue

hosting bands on their nostalgia tours and their last legs

maybe one out of five an actual member...maybe

before that it was a discotheque 

when that kind of thing was the latest fashion

tight designer jeans and spinning silver globes, bee gees comin’ at ya

I remember it fondly as an old style bowling alley

where the ball rolled back to you above ground 

above the dirty oily lanes which coated your fingers 

an old fashioned pencil and paper to keep score

even before that I’m told it was a drug store 

where kids went to buy buddy holly, chubby checker and early beatles 45’s

while their parents bought newspapers about ike and jfk 

had their prescriptions filled by old dr. ridge (he’s gone now)

now it’s all in a abstract pile 

gray cement blocks, twisted pieces of metal, broken red blocks

sitting across the street on the front steps

of my old high school girlfriend’s house on a hill

we met in some class, don’t remember what it was

I stole seven dollars off the teachers desk one day

(he was an ass)

now I’m up high up on her hill taking it all in

progress destroys history once more