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September 13, 2021

Dead End

sometimes the road you’re on comes to an unexpected dead end
always wanted to buy a house on a dead end

just so I could have the morbid pleasure of saying I live on a dead end

now what? no left no right no straight -- nowhere to go but down down down in the ground 

deep and you don’t hear a sound 

dead to the world whether you know it or not

when you’re dead, you’re dead

dead right or dead wrong, it don’t matter now

the misshapen branches in the wind don’t care as they nod in agreement

you fall under a dead silence

six feet in the ground or some ashes spread around

an ocean, a bay, a mountainside

death sometimes comes with a sudden thump 

sometimes it comes with a whisper of the wind 

a tap on the shoulder, an unexpected visitor wearing black shroud

always happens to others///

now you and the sea scrolls have something in common

until then

evening and then days come and go

make some tea and retreat to the darkness of the bedroom 

light a candle, mumble a prayer--what could it hurt just in case

reflections of flame bending in glass

dragon’s blood incense burning, a favorite

sooner or later your number comes up

contemplate your mortality over your coffee

what can you do? nothing, nothing

memories fade, tombstones grow moss and weeded over

some begin leaning over like they’re going into a fierce wind

hollow winds blow across the stone garden

iron gates creak in squeaky tones in dense fog

leaves scatter like distraught mourners