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August 5, 2021

Piece of Pie

the downtown of my youth is still there but it isn’t there anymore
almost everyone wearing different clothes

living in the past is alright if the present is unbearable

summer vacation days full of nothing special except happiness 

nights when with the fresh breezes

radio softly playing some good old songs

and all seemed good in the universe 

it was a piece of pie in the sky celestial stratosphere

then it was time to go to bed

in the morning, everything felt different and as hopeless as before

I always felt a bad poem that made no sense

was better than anything in this world that wasn’t poetic at all

I was at a train crossing now, a long long long long freight train it was

I got there too late to get in front of it

so I sat there and smelled its beautiful perfume in the air

listened to the boxcars squeak past moaning and groaning

when it passed, I was in no hurry to move

came home and it seemed to be a perfect afternoon

for burning leaves and piles of painful memories in a smoky fire

but asbestos memories never burn

whiteish gray clouds of smoke rising and drifting away into space

I want to ride them up to golden heaven station and the glittering stars above