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August 2, 2021


hot dreams and cold mornings
why limit yourself to the sky?

plenty of constellations out there to explore

peace seems to come in like high tide and then go out again, never staying for very long 

my spirit got broke...smashed into pieces long ago, shreds of glass laying on the floor

waiting for a sympathetic broom to come along

there was no spring in my step because there was winter in my heart

snowbound and incommunicado

It was an ugly gray day to most*** I found it most beautiful

it was a time of dark days and darker nights

yes, I do wear my sunglasses at night

the black dog is coming around more and more frequently 

he wants me to pet him and I will soon

he ran across the street and beckoned me

just then, a city bus flew by and I dreamed what could have been

there was nothing I could do but go to a bar downtown and get hammered 

success in the art of life is knowing when to stop painting

I never know when to stop, I should have stopped a long time ago

turned in my brushes and paints

love is love, war is war, but death is final

the stars have always promised much but delivered little

so I’ll meet you at the corner of despair and hopelessness streets 

we’ll drink a few shots and then return to whence we came

we all follow a crooked path, but some are more crookeder than others

sometimes the future looks brighter after a few drinks

sometimes you don’t see one at all

the first six times I fell down, I got up

the seventh time I fall, I’ll stay down on the floor...the hell with it