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July 30, 2021

The Road Calls

there is a time for everything but sometimes that time never comes
blood on the moon, blood on my hands, a heart full of remorse

whenever I’m feeling blue, adding yellow doesn’t help but adding alcohol does

that or a moon peeking around the wispy clouds

candle, coffee, classical music...calming

it was a day for burning brown incense and listening to the quiet

then my spirit got restless and I went out walking

it didn’t seem safe to cross the old rickety looking bridge over the river

I went anyway--the other side looked foreboding and mysterious 

us restless souls seldom find a home

the problem is as soon as you find yourself, yourself leaves town 

the road calls and you just gotta answer

how can you expect me to know what to do

when I don’t even know my own mind?

I do like to be beside the seashore when it’s cool and misty

the air thick as saltwater taffy 

never grow tired of listening to the water splash onshore 

often dreamed of starting walking in miami  

wandering all the way up the coast to maine along the beach 

past the hotels, condos owned by the ultra rich, beachside homes

took a walk in the rain...beautiful —  

then it stopped and the sun came out...ruining everything