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July 27, 2021


still life, stiller death
without life, there is no death

oh, that’s so gauche

a clunky mixed up pastiche of a mind

muddy palette of a personality

a composition no one understands

a glob of van dyke brown with a dash of alizarin crimson

with a touch of ever so stylish black

a bleeding palette of plasma puddling below 

dripping and dropping into its own creation

brushes with dried paint, brushes with disaster

brushes with fame, brushes with the law

stars of white canvas shining through

from hundreds of millions miles away 

chips of paint potato chips salting the floor

canvasses floor to ceiling 

easel on three sketchy peg legs on their last legs

the prodigal misunderstood artist

black clothes - black moods

melancholic colors tinted with gin

paint splattered clothes and shoes 

crying oil based tears