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July 24, 2021

Fear Of The Mummy

8 years old
midnight toaster oven hot dogs vienna

warm fresh poppy seed buns

crunching too salty chips from crinkly white bags

watching 1932 mummy

don’t trust ardeth bey but you gotta like his style

“I dislike to be touched, an eastern prejudice” he says

old quasar black & white tucked in the corner

product of farm estate auction hot summer day

dimly lit living room dead of winter

the spells are still potent the Egyptian occult expert warns

film over go to bed in archway doored bedroom

decorated in second and third hand chic

laying still on mausoleum cold sheets

every creak in the house a possible return of the mummy 

seeking vengeance against those that have defiled the tomb

and those that have watched movies about it

they shall die a thousand deaths effendi 

got a thousand worries

overcome by sleepiness wake to brightness

the smell of coffee and bacon

fresh blanket of snowfall

last night’s terror now far far away