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July 21, 2021

Screen Door Slam

holy screen door slam
red juicy watermelon sliced and diced

cards dealt like a merry go round 

top 40 am radio pops and crackles

electricity in the air

sandbag clouds water drenched 

ready to explode any moment

smelling of rain ////

old dog napping on cracked red and yellow linoleum 

once beige and now yellow floor wax overdose

red check curtains waltzing to the music 

by kitchen window tomatoes on the sill

hard water orange stained sink

and then there it is—water spigots in the sky on full blast

tin roof like timpani 

extended drum solo in the sky

crash crash crash cymbals sound

worn musty brown striped cloth sofa feels

open refrigerator cooling breezes

slipping through dripping open window 

cracked caulk encased in cobwebs

lightning flash photography in the sky

over the cornfield past the rusty fence

under the emerging slice of silver moon

head home beer buzz good sleep