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July 19, 2021

For The Border

need a transplant of paranormal plasma
could use some psychic surgery

under the cold white bright lights

that slice through you like a ma-chet-e

a little bit of absent healing for the absent minded

manufacture up some crisis apparition

to tell me it’s going to be ok, be ok be ok

a metamorphosis of a mountain of superstition

set the earth back on its axis and planes

don’t give me no evil eye

I got enough paranoia for both of us

the seventh house setting up in the sky

use your psychometry to figure out what’s going on

the lost art of divine divination

follow the course, trust the process

a sensation sweeping the nation

I could use some autosuggestions to make it all better

my sixth sense is out of order

tonight at the rising of the full moon

heading for a clinic in mexico just over the border