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July 16, 2021


warily, I await her reaction
never quite knowing what she’s thinking

those arctic blue eyes a curtain

over a mind that can snap like a steel trap

around the head of a curious animal 

enticed by a few moments of an alluring mirage

fool enough to stick it’s head in

her brownish wavy dirty blonde hair hanging down 

seductively almost over her right eye

concealing a prominent four inch scar that I catch a glimpse of

from nearly the corner of her eye 

down the side of her face

the shape of a quarter moon in the distant milky way 

or a sweeping left hander at hockenheim 

I eventually muster up enough courage to ask how she got it

“A jerk supposed boyfriend hit me with a goddamned bottle”

she snaps with daggers in her eyes

I immediately regret bringing up painful memories

physically and emotionally — playing psychologist, I reason that explains a lot

but I’m no freud, skinner, or pavlov...what the hell do I know

maybe she was already a hornets nest before that happened 

now though I see her through more sympathetic eyes

supposing that story is true and I don’t have any reason to doubt it 

I can understand her razor blade words

I want to be good and kind with her if she’ll let me

to try and cool her steaming volcano demeanor

I’ve known her a bit and I’ve never seen her laugh, her smile always sarcastic 

I don’t even know if it’s possible but god I want to try