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July 13, 2021

Show Some Respect

don’t dog that old man over there
with the cane in his age spotted hand

old brown hat, the shuffle in his step

just might of stood in line for a new dylan album

might have been at woodstock

rollin’ in the mud with that old woman with him

now wearing the colorful babushka 

pulled tightly over her beltone hearing aids

takin’ in hendrix

isle of wight, altamont

hung out at golden gate park in san francisco

or might of did his time in vietnam

was involved in the tet offensive

fought charlie from a b-52

dropped bombs over hanoi

flew copters by the dmz and da nang

voted for RFK in the california primary

maybe ‘rioted’ outside the international amphitheatre in chicago

democratic convention ‘68

possibly at kent state

marched in peace demonstrations with joan baez

tripped on some lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)

rode his motorcycle coast to coast

maybe knew jim morrison personally

hung out with jerry garcia and dr timothy leary

you just never know so show some respect

even if he didn’t do any of that, remember you’ll get old too