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July 10, 2021


you’ve moved on to bigger and better things
basement flat to 33rd floor

concrete floor to hardwood

solid oak doors

rings and things I couldn’t bring

your art collection now upscale

I remember when you loved mine

when you begged me for my last paintings 

don’t have time for my ragged sort anymore

drinking coffee in the coffeehouse 

giggling about silliness we made up

sitting at scratched up wooden tables 

for hours that passed like minutes 

now I’m the no longer wanted cup tossed in the trash

I should have known better

should have spotted ms. so-she-shall climber

you’re not the way you was before 

just a stepping stone I were

so you stepped away to somewhere far away

get away, go away, who needs your type

you’re off in philadelphia or new york now

I haven’t heard the latest nor do I care

but I guess I do ‘cause I’m writing about you 

a love I thought might save me

became disconnected, unlisted, unwilling