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July 7, 2021

3 Little White Birds

let me alone; I just want some me time
to stare at the wall thinking of nothing at all

in a gray room growing blacker by the minute

one which white candles can’t even illuminate

I don’t mind the darkness, it’s the brightness I hate

next day//////////////////

went out to the garden

3 little white birds landed near me at the same time

obviously some type of omen for the future

of what I don’t know

fortuitous or ominous I can’t say

but I’m betting on the latter, a foreboding trifecta

it had to be some kind of sign

I offered them tea but they didn’t stay for long 

they flew away high into the sky...and disappeared 

I couldn’t see them any longer 

but their presence stayed with me

anything bad that happens to me

I’ll be quick to blame those birds