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July 4, 2021

Sorcery and The Apprenticeship

a stonemason working with wizard like precision
as I have for many a year

my strong hands building a wall of charm

on a farm in the north forty

working by myself and that’s the way I want it

bricks and mortar give no quarter

built a lot walls over the years inside and out outside and in

sacred temples, mammoth monuments

pointy egyptian pyramids reaching way up high touching the sky

bridges spanning rivers and mountains of white

stonehenge, the great wall of china

all built by guys like me

I’ve carved my share of animals and other designs

carved some tombstones not always a somber occasion 

depending on who I was making it for

will make my own someday to make sure it’s done right

etched epitaphs elegant and enigmatic and egotistical 

“Loved by all”, I doubt it

granite, marble, and slate

there ain’t no kinda stone I hate

sorcery and the apprenticeship

I wouldn’t have it any other way