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July 1, 2021

Garage Sale

garage sale one day only
or call it an estate sale - sounds more interesting

useful items no longer needed

alongside cracked vases, old books, disliked clothes 

board games with pieces missing 

knickknacks flip flops 

grandma’s heirloom that really isn’t 

carnival glass worth real money - in demand by collectors

for a song of course

sales frequented by men asking if you have any guns for sale

or guys who say their son is starting 

a baseball card collection 

if you have any old baseball cards you want to quote unquote

‘get rid’ of

or the guy who asks if you have any gold you want to sell

like gold jewelry 

says he pays top dollar…uh-huh

or guys looking to buy quality tools for pennies on the dollar

or looking for good ‘military’ items ////cheap of course 

people who say they’re shopping for a ‘poor family’

who want you to practically give away your things to them 

all of the aforementioned looking to take advantage of you

like you had just stepped off the boat and into the garage